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Richard Craine is a performer, songwriter and guitarist. Now resident in Bristol, Richard was originally from Southampton where he was a regular on the folk scene from 1996 onwards. At university in Swansea he performed at the Halfpenny folk club at the Greyhound inn, (which attracted the likes of John Kirkpatrick), and acoustic venues like the Chattery coffee house in the Uplands.

Richard has been associated with several agents who recognise his music's ability to stretch across the generations and with these connections he has played several dates in the Manchester and Leicester, (The Attic), areas often with BBC Radio interviews and live studio performances to compliment them.

In the near future Richard will be promoting his latest recordings and aiming to build his following in the south whilst continuing to play on a national basis.

You can find more about Richard in the reviews section. Listen and buy some of Richards music in the audio section. Find out where Richard is playing next in the gigs section. Contact him directly for further information or to book him to appear at your venue in the contact section.

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